Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Guitar class just finished last week and after eight weeks of lessons, I am a fully functioning guitar player! It was a great class and I am very happy that I signed up through the Old Town School of Music. I went to the center located on Lincoln in Lincoln Square and it was really a fun time. All my classmates were very nice and we had a terrific teacher who really made us all feel at ease. You can imagine what a room full of new guitar learners sounds like, sometimes it was not pretty. At the end of the session, our group performed a song in front of the other classes. I will just say that this version on the song is a lot better than what the ten of us in my class produced!! I am going to continue the classes and so I will keep you updated on how everything goes.

And keep an eye out for next week's post as I signed up for a different type of class that is not musically related. It should be fun. It is a one night session, but hopefully I will have some interesting stories.